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Blessed lovers

It’s going to happen finally

She’s going to give herself to me

It’s our first time, God I’m weak

So nervous now I can’t even speak

How will it be, am I good enough?

Will she even let me touch?

She’s so beautiful, why is she with me?

Oh what am I doing? I can’t make her happy.

She calls my name, I go to her

She says relax, she calms my stir

She kisses me, it was magical

Our tongues collided, sensual

She took of her pink t shirt, oh that bra

I couldn’t stop looking, I saw stars

She came to my arms, we embraced 

Pushed herself against me, oh that taste

She tasted like the sweetest fruit

Her smell just aroused me through and through

I didn’t dare touch her, she was just so sacred

She pushed my face into her chest, I melted

We undid ourselves and took off our trousers

Eager to feel each other inside for hours

She held me in her hands then she guided me in

Oh she is so warm, inviting me to her within

She is so beautiful, her eyes hypnotized me

We stare for minutes, two lovers to be

She gives herself to me, every inch of her soul

I feel so overwhelmed with this emotion I behold

I see that bra still, covering them breasts

I could picture them now, I want to see the rest

She sees what I want and she starts to tease

She releases her bra strap, do you want these?

She’s covering them up with her fingers still

I am so excited, she is giving me such a thrill

She removes her hands one at a time

They are perfect, velvety and all mine

I touch them breasts, then kiss from her nipples up

She continues to rise on me, oh my good luck

We lose ourselves passionately, bodies entwined

Emotions, joy, pleasure, bodies sexually defined

Then we are on cloud 9 together at the same time

Bodies climaxing together as if it was a rhyme

Then we cuddle up close no care for the mess

Because it was magical and we were truly blessed


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Phil lister 10/10/17

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