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I’d like to be a cat

I love the sun on my face

It’s all I need to brighten my day

To make the problems leave

They don’t seem so big now

As I sit on the terrace leaning back

Just wishing for life to show me

What I should do next?

I shouldn’t care about the next problem

Just enjoy the moment

As the wind whistles in my ear

As I watch the busy birds

Hurriedly building their nests

The cat watching from under the table

Waiting for it’s moment

It must be nice to be a cat

Daydreaming all day long

Preying on innocent little things

Food prepared for you

Eat sleep repeat

A warm bed, a cuddle when needed

Space when you want

I’d like to be a cat

9 thoughts on “I’d like to be a cat

  1. This post is so relatable! Sometimes, all we need is a moment to ourselves, to just soak up the sunshine and forget about life’s problems. I love how the author captures the essence of a lazy day on the terrace, with the wind in their hair and the birds chirping in the background. The mention of the cat adds a touch of humor to the post, and I can’t help but envy their carefree life. Thank you, author, for reminding us to take a break and enjoy the little things in life.

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    1. Hi Olivia, love your take on it. Makes me want to write more. Love it when the words are relatable and people give me feedback. I’ll maybe try a few more like these. Have a great day.


  2. This is such a beautiful and peaceful poem. It captures the essence of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, like feeling the warmth of the sun and watching the birds. The idea of being a cat and having everything taken care of is certainly tempting. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece.

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  3. Your words beautifully capture the simple joy and serenity that can be found in the small moments of life. The image of sitting on the terrace, basking in the sun, and watching the world go by is truly delightful. Your longing to experience the carefree life of a cat is relatable. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of writing.

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