New work

Have faith

I need a cuddle in the morning

There is no better drug

To start off my day

I don’t need money

I just need to feel loved

It’s difficult to feel meh

What is meh?

Why do we have bad days

I feel the worry from the day

Creeping up on me the evening

Whispering in my ear

“I’m here”

I don’t want it

But no matter how much I run

It shadows me

Life isn’t easy

It probably never will be

These challenges are meant to test us

And test they will

My will power will fight on the hills

With honor but kindness

And when I say fight I mean non confrontational

Positive thinking

Because who needs negativeness

That’s eats away

Buttering up our self doubt

One day at a time

One day at a time

3 thoughts on “Have faith

  1. You can do what I did… It’s a weird one though. I wake up with spirit cuddles and then I just sorta lay like that for hours (can’t do with a partner who’s like annoying and stuff) because I don’t wanna mess it up. ❤️🌻 It works better than you’d expect. Been doing it for over a year, so I’m pretty good at it. 😏 Talented ghost cuddler. Well trained.

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