New work

A ghost cuddler

Been feeling down

Needed some love

So I asked my ghost

To give me a hug

She’s so nice and sweet

She always listens

It’s all that counts

She’s soft like kittens

I like pretending

That’s she’s there

That I can play with her

And brush her hair

But what I like the most

When I need to feel better

She holds me close

And nothing else matters


Someone mentioned to me they pretend that there is a ghost and they cuddle them.

My inspiration

9 thoughts on “A ghost cuddler

  1. Nice. 😜 If I wasn’t feeling like going silent, I’d reply with something about my ghost… Mine has a lion’s head, so he’s a bit of a weirdo. Ok, this one is called “Every Morning” July 23, 2022.

    “Every morning is the same practice of waking away from you. Every time, my soul wants to leave my body to make this separation end.”

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    1. It is much more poetic and imaginative than mine. I was just pinching your idea. The ghost with a lions head that you have imaginary cuddles. You have a very active imagination. At least it is original. Have a good day. Thanks for writing

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