New work


Listening to the piano

Chiming beautifully in my ears

Melody dancing calmly

As the tears form on my face

I can forget for the moment

All the pain

As I don’t have to think

I can just release myself

As if a butterfly from its cocoon

Tired in all its work

Exhausted but ready to take its leap of faith

As it spreads its wings


Beautiful anticipation

As everything turns to slow motion

The colours dancing

As the wings start to clap

That beautiful angel is parting

Fly angel butterfly


6 thoughts on “Butterfly

      1. Glad you’re ok, Phil. I’m not good. It’s a long story. I had a tooth out which got infected. I had two courses of antibiotics. After a while, I realised the numbness from the six injections hadn’t worn off. I thought this was strange. I’m also in awful pain in the nerves in my chin, lip and gums. The doctor prescribed me medication to relieve the pain, as nerve damage rarely improves. The drug is making me feel very sleepy, dizzy, and shaky. I’ve got blurred vision and joint pain, all mentioned in the information leaflet. I’m just now waiting for the doctor to phone me and change my drug, which will hopefully have fewer side effects. Sorry for the lengthy miserable reply to your kind reply X.

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