New work

Look after yourself

The path I walk has become thorny

Cutting my legs as I march forward

Trying to stay focused through all the pain

Refusing to place or accept the blame

It doesn’t matter, no one’s right or wrong

This isn’t just a stupid love song

Life has now changed, maybe for better or worse

Guess we don’t know what comes in the next verse

My eyes stay wide open even when fatigued

I will not be beaten, never will I take heed

Self care and healing is what I must do now

Not knowing where to start, or even how

I may seem distant, angry or pissed

I’m dealing with it, they shall be missed

A part of my life will soon be leaving

Will my ground ever be level or even?

Close your eyes, breathe deeply

Let it out, you need to really

Tomorrow is not today, relax, take it easy

Look after yourself, keep yourself busy

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