New work


A boy once wondered if he ever had a chance

A beautiful popular girl with a caring glance

He wrote on a piece of paper his thoughts so true

He doubted how to give it to her, what should he do

She had never really spoke to him, not once in class

She was about to leave, he would have to act fast

He grabbed his bag to leave, as she walked through the door

Scuttling through after her, knocking her to the floor

Apologising clumsily for his involuntary act

Slipping her the paper into her sack

She ran to catch her bus, scared to be late

Just getting there in time, is this to be fate

He would have to wait and get through the weekend

Thinking about this girl, maybe a girlfriend

The days passed by agonisingly slow

Sunday night now, just one sleep to go

He arrived at class, not knowing what to expect

Would it be good news or would it be reject

She came into class smiling in her stride

He was beside himself, starting to subside

She sat down behind him, books on the table

Starting her day off as if it was a fable

The next time you want to talk to me, don’t knock me over

Try asking me out instead you great big cassanova

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