New work


Numb inside

Living with myself

Feeling constantly

On the shelf


I am difficult

To be around

To live with

Make others frown


It’s inside of me

Can’t explain it

I’ll just write

For now



Always and at once


To feel like before


Time has passed

Change too

I won’t

I know me


The sacred path

That we wonder

If it even



I’ll never get there

Nor do I want

All is fake

A myth


Hope is overrated

Live to die

Only waiting

Million questions why


We’ll just never know

Answers evading

Like the new



At least it’s better

Than suffering

Trying to work out

And explain


This horrid mess

We call a life

Make our mistakes

And ask. Why?

8 thoughts on “Numb

  1. This is very poignant, Phil. I hope this isn’t how you are feeling right now. I’m never sure whether your poetry relates to how you are now or whether it is one you wrote a while ago when you were feeling so low. If that’s how you feel currently, please know I am thinking of you and that I care. Stay safe, Phil … Ellie 😘

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  2. I’m trying to dig deep to find out why I feel that way. It’s really exhausting. Sometimes it even feels like I’m losing sense of who I am, the longer I feel numb. Other times it feels like I’m living someone else’s life and I can no longer keep up with this persona I’ve been portraying. It’s very confusing and paralyzing. Almost self-sabotaging? Thank you for writing this poem 🙏🏻.

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    1. Hello, I’m glad you could relate to my poem, sometimes we feel so so so down, nothing can help and we just want the world to swallow us up whole, or even just to escape the daily grind and all the problems that come with it. I hope you find the good path. Always welcome to comment and chat, will always reply. Thanks for taking the time.

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