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Miss you my friend

Where did you come from?

Where is your mum?

Are you hungry?

Do you like to have fun?

What’s the matter?

Don’t be shy

I won’t hurt you

Please don’t cry

Come here

Give me a hug

In this life

All we need is love

You see now

You feel better

Don’t feel scared

You don’t have to, ever

You have nice eyes

So big and round

You wouldn’t hurt me?

A loving frown

I love your teeth

They’re so big

What do you eat?

Toast and Nesquik

What lovely wings

They are so cool

Can I touch them?

Can we go to school?

I can show you off

You can meet my class

There is this one kid

He’s such an ass

No don’t go

Please come back

Why you leaving?

You’re making me sad

I’ll miss you

Hope to see you again

I love you

Miss you my friend

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