New work

I never thought it would

So happy to work

To finally be

Accepted by someone

Financially free

To watch my bank

Start to grow

As I save money

Look at it go

I buy a car

Keep it pristine clean

Take care of it

Watch it gleam

I go to the pub

I drink and smoke

I enjoy myself

Life is no joke

Forty now

Still enjoying myself

Life is good

Ok health

All the money

In the bank

House paid off

No more rent

I never married

No kids for me

I was happy

Living free

Go on holiday

Where I like

Enjoy the sun

Beautiful life

Ready to retire

Put my feet up

Chill out a bit

It’s been a bit much

Ready to receive

My first pension cheque

Waited so long

To be paid back

My account online

Is looking good

Order in takeout

Some nice fancy food

As the doorbell rings

I go to open

I lose my footing

My hip is broken

I call for an ambulance

And dial 999

I cry to myself

Over the line

The lady on the phone

“Sir can you hear me?”

Unable to respond

I drop the phone feebly

I never thought

It would end like this

I just wish

I would have been missed

6 thoughts on “I never thought it would

  1. As I read this poem, I thought how good it was to hear you so happy. Then, I got to the broken hip part and realised how sad it really was. Was this something that happened to you? I do hope not, but it did; I hope you are all healed now. Your writing is so beautifully written, and sometimes it’s difficult to know whether you’re okay or not. I care.

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    1. Hi, no it’s not me, I’m almost 40 and I have no money, so definitely not me, ☺️. It is totally open to interpretation, hasn’t always got to be about me. I am well, thanks for asking. How are you?

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      1. I’m so glad it’s not about you. Your poetry comes across so genuinely, I’m never sure if it’s about you or not. Sorry to keep asking you nearly every time! I just care about my blogging buddies and readers, that’s all. I’m fine, thank you. I’ve been trying my hand at fiction, which is unusual for me, never having achieved it before. I’m quite pleased with it and it’s not often I say that. Take care.

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