New work

Can’t do this anymore

Swallow me up

Spit me out

Crush me with your foot

And leave me to die

I don’t want to stay

To exist anymore

I fucking hate life

Every minute every chore

If I had the courage

I would end it all

But because I’m a coward

I’ll shoulder my fall

I hate it more

With every breath

What’s the point?

This torturous test

Take your head

Smash it against the wall

That’s what it feels like

Life this is called

Wish I could choke

Kick the chair to the floor

If I wasn’t so scared

Can’t do this anymore

4 thoughts on “Can’t do this anymore

  1. Oh, Phil. I’m so sorry you feel this way. It sounds like a horrible place to be in right now. I do understand, as I, too, have been in that place many times in the past. It will get better, my friend. Just try to hang on in there. Look after yourself as best you can. You can do this. A comforting {{hug}} for you.

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