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Haunting inheritance

You are waiting here

For when I’ll die

You want my house

That time to go by

For the moment you stay

Watching from afar

Imagaging putting my coins

Into your jar

But I am dying

And you never cared

Where are you

In my moments most scared

You’ll be happy when I’m gone

So you can paw

Over my closest possessions

With your claws

I’ll come back

Dont you worry

I’ll haunt your ass

And make you sorry

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5 thoughts on “Haunting inheritance

      1. Thank you lance, I am the first to see the mistakes and normally I don’t say anything to others. I never want to upset them, but I am happy you said. The worst are the writers on the BBC news website that should know better, it makes me want to grate my phone. I blame mine 50 percent on me, 50 percent on predicted text. But hey, it’s great to be imperfect. Thanks for the compliment on the poem, the poem is the most important.


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